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General Motors temporarily lays off 6,000 workers in Mexico due to strike 28
General Motors has laid off 6,000 workers in Mexico temporarily due to a US labor strike that has disrupted production at two plants south of the border that make pickup trucks, the company said Tuesday.

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CSC collaborates on commercializing Kubos’ cubic GaN technology for green and amber LEDs 68
The Compound Semiconductor Centre Ltd (CSC) – a joint venture founded in 2015 between Cardiff University and epiwafer foundry and substrate maker IQE plc of Cardiff, Wales, UK – and Kubos Semiconductors Ltd of Cambridge, UK have signed a memorandum of…

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US court: FCC had the right to dump net-neutrality rules 37
A federal court is ruling that the Federal Communications Commission had the right to dump net-neutrality rules, but couldn't bar states like California from passing their own.

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Court: FCC can dump net neutrality, but can't bar state laws 32
The Federal Communications Commission could dump rules that keep internet providers from favoring some services over others, but couldn't bar states like California from enacting their own prohibitions, a federal court ruled.

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Zuckerberg to 'go to the mat' to fight breakup: Report 81
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to "go to the mat" to fight a government attempt to break up the social media giant, according to a report Tuesday based on a leaked audio recording.

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Boeing still eyes 737 MAX return in 4Q: Boeing spokesman 34
Boeing continues to target the fourth quarter for regulatory approval to return the 737 MAX to service after two deadly crashes, a spokesman said Tuesday.

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UPS gets government approval to become a drone airline 31
UPS says it has won government approval to run a drone airline, a first for a U.S. company, and it plans to expand deliveries on hospital campuses and eventually other industries.

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Ransomware hits hundreds of US schools, local governments: study 31
Hundreds of US municipalities, schools and health organizations have been hit by ransomware in 2019, leading to massive service disruptions, researchers said Tuesday.

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WIN offers sample kits for NP15-00 GaN-on-SiC 0.15 18
WIN Semiconductors Corp of Taoyuan City, Taiwan – the largest pure-play compound semiconductor wafer foundry – has developed sample kits for its gallium nitride (GaN)-based 0.15

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Moving e-cars into the fast lane 19
Researchers have been looking into silicon carbide, a promising alternative material for the semiconductor industry, for several years now. The Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM joined forces with partners in the SiC Module…

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Preventing manipulation in automated face recognition 15
From unlocking smartphones to speeding up airport security checks: the use of automated face recognition for personal identification continues to grow. But this authentication method is vulnerable to morphing attacks: criminals can misuse it by melding…

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Affordable and mobile purification of dialysis water 15
People who suffer from end stage renal disease frequently undergo dialysis on a fixed schedule. For patients this artificial washing of the blood is a major burden. To remove toxins from the blood, large quantities of dialysis water for clearance are…

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Wind power from the sky 13
Anyone who has ever steered a child's kite knows the feeling: The wind grips the kite and pulls the string. The string is quickly tensioned, the spindle rotates between the fingers and is difficult to control. The question arises: Could this wild energy…

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EPC launches third edition of GaN textbook with power conversion applications focus 17
Efficient Power Conversion Corp (EPC) of El Segundo, CA, USA – which makes enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power field-effect transistors (FETs) for power management applications – has announced publication of the third edition of ‘GaN…

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An approach to enhance question answering (QA) models 11
Identifying the correct answer to a question often entails gathering large amounts of information and understanding complex ideas. In a recent study, a team of researchers at New York University (NYU) and Facebook AI Research (FAIR) investigated the…

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Exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain in Iceland 10
Imagine a hairdryer running on high, continuously, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The energy it drains—about 40 kilowatts per hour—equals what one extremely powerful specialized computer uses to mine cryptocurrency. A single six-building data…

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Patent talk: Apple logo could light up notifications 10
How could two blah words "adjustable decoration" garner so much chatter in days? Well, it's about Apple, that's one hotly scented trail, and it's about how the Apple logo might become more than a brain imprint for Apple products.

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Users need to consent to online tracking cookies: EU court 15
Online companies in the EU can no longer present internet users with a pre-checked box telling them cookies will be planted on their smartphone or computer if they don't deselect the option, under a ruling issued Tuesday.

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Opel slashes hours amid German carmaker gloom 12
German carmaker Opel said Tuesday it would slash hours for workers at its main factory, highlighting a car industry hit by falling demand and a challenging technological transformation.

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Streamed music and digital images have driven the comeback of vinyl and printed photos 12
The resurgence of vinyl records in a time of digital music and streaming is a story of how innovation can make technological comebacks possible. In the summer of 2019, the sales of vinyl albums are on the verge of becoming the largest source of revenue…

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Emissions-free transport speeding up in Europe 11
Hydrogen-powered cars are seen as a potential solution to the pollution caused by gasoline and diesel engines, but the mass roll-out of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) hasn't yet materialized. As noted in a report by the International Energy Agency…

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Turning problems into opportunities in urban areas 10
Currently, about 55 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68 percent by 2050, according to a UN report. With several challenges posed by continued urbanization, successful management of…

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Remote-sensing technology to detect emissions from passing cars 11
Air pollution levels remain dangerously high in various parts of the world. According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants, such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. Road transport is…

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The lashback against Facebook is getting stronger 10
Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg recently took the unusual step of visiting lawmakers in Washington, including President Donald Trump in the White House. The reason? Congress's anti-trust sub-committee has started demanding documents from Facebook and…

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Can the 'additive tree' model expand machine learning in medicine? 10
When health care providers order a test or prescribe a medicine, they want to be 100 percent confident in their decision. That means being able to explain their decision and study it over depending upon how a patient responds. As artificial…

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Twitter lets users sideline unwanted direct messages 15
Twitter on Monday said it is rolling out a filter that will hide away unwanted direct messages, providing a new tool to stymie abuse.

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Researchers' new method enables identifying a person through walls from candidate video footage, using only WiFi 15
Researchers in the lab of UC Santa Barbara professor Yasamin Mostofi have enabled, for the first time, determining whether the person behind a wall is the same individual who appears in given video footage, using only a pair of WiFi transceivers outside.

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Power Integrations delivers millionth GaN-based InnoSwitch3 IC 18
Power Integrations of San Jose, CA, USA, which provides high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, has delivered its one-millionth InnoSwitch3 switcher IC featuring its PowiGaN gallium nitride technology...

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Qorvo announces closing of $350m offering of senior notes 13
Qorvo Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA (which provides core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense applications) has completed its offering of $350m worth of its senior notes (maturing in 2029). Paying interest semi-annually at a…

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30 сентября, Понедельник

Взросление цифровых систем питания 85
Распределенные системы питания широко применяются в телекоммуникационном оборудовании и в центрах обработки данных, однако ранее в этих приложениях использовались централизованные системы питания, которые представляли собой простой AC/DC-преобразователь…

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SVPT - новая серия полимерных конденсаторов со сроком жизни 10 лет при температуре 85°С 95
SVPT – новая серия конденсаторов на основе органического твердого полимера, способных обеспечить срок жизни до 10 лет при температуре окружающей среды 85°C.

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27 сентября, Пятница

Элементы питания ER+ для промышленного IoT от HCB battery 123
Компания HCB battery объявила о серийном выпуске элементов питания серии ER+. Решение ER + представляет собой литий-тионилхлоридную (Li-SOCl2) батарею (ER) с параллельным подключением суперконденсатра (UPC). Это оптимальное решение для питания приложений…

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Шумы ОУ: как насчет резисторов обратной связи? 131
На сайте нашего партнера компании Компэл опубликованы главы руководства Брюса Трампа, посвященного практическим аспектам и особенностям проектирования электроники с использованием операционных усилителей (ОУ). Руководство написано Брюсом Трампом,…

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26 сентября, Четверг

Модуль SIM7060R прошел успешные тесты в сетях 450 МГц (Band 31). 114
Новый NB-IoT модуль SIMCom Wireless Solutions был протестирован в реальной сети.

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9 000 000 логических ячеек в ПЛИС от Xilinx 98
Компания Xilinx анонсировала устройство серии Virtex UltraScale+ с рекордным для одиночного чипа ПЛИС количеством логических элементов и пинов ввода-вывода – XCVU19P. Основное назначение данной ПЛИС – прототипирование ASIC и реализация…

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Роль датчиков в сети интернета вещей 82
Интернет вещей (IoT) и периферийные вычисления (edge computing) спровоцировали внедрение во множество областей жизни smart-технологий: умный город, умные фабрики, умное сельское хозяйство, умная медицина и многое другое. Основа данных технологий –…

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24 сентября, Вторник

Промышленные SSD 2.5" Phison ёмкостью 8TB для работы в диапазоне температур -40...+85C 78
Уважаемые партнеры, В портфолио MT-System появились твердотельные накопители (SSD) ёмкостью 8TB способных работать в диапазоне температур -40…+85С°.

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16 Гбайт памяти HBM в ПЛИС Virtex® UltraScale+™ от Xilinx 67
Компания Xilinx анонсировала микросхемы ПЛИС Virtex® UltraScale+™ со встроенной HBM-памятью объемом 16 гигабайт, что ровно в два раза превышает показатели уже поставляемых чипов с HBM памятью (XCVU33P, XCVU35P и XCVU37P) – XCVU45P и…

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Пироэлектрические датчики приближения серии PL от Kemet 77
В настоящее время в качестве датчиков приближения используют различные типы сенсоров: оптические сенсоры, TOF-сенсоры, ультразвуковые датчики и т.д. Еще одно альтернативное решение данной задачи предлагает компания Kemet. Компактные и малопотребляющие…

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23 сентября, Понедельник

2D-технология обжима наконечников серии Faston от TE Connectivity 72
Уникальная технология обжима 2D TE Connectivity в сравнении с существующими обжимными технологиями позволяет использовать один наконечник и один регулируемый аппликатор для множества различных размеров проводов – с сечением от 22 до 12 AWG - при…

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Компания Alliance Memory анонсировала выпуск микросхем оперативной памяти DDR4. 35
Компания Alliance Memory анонсировала выпуск микросхем оперативной памяти DDR4. Сейчас доступны микросхемы ёмкостью 4Gb с организацией памяти 256Mbx16 или 512Mbx8. Образцы уже доступны для заказа! Основные характеристики:

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Система драйверов затвора для полумостовых SiC и IGBT модулей 1,7–4,5 кВ от Power Integrations 66
Компания Power Integrations выпустила систему управления затвором IGBT, SiC и гибридных силовых модулей MOSFET с блокировочными напряжениями от 1,7 до 4,5 кВ – SCALE-iFlex. Система состоит из центрального изолированного управляющего модуля (IMC) и…

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11 мифов о цифровых источниках питания 75
На протяжении многих десятилетий аналоговые преобразователи оставались базовым элементом силовой электроники, в то время как цифровые преобразователи до сих пор плохо знакомы многим разработчикам. Именно по этой причине мнения относительно цифровых…

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20 сентября, Пятница

SiC-МОП транзистор 1200 В 32 мОм от Wolfspeed 76
Компания Wolfspeed (Cree) выпустила SiC-МОП транзистор 1200 В, 32 мОм, 63 А в корпусе TO-247-4 – C3M0032120K. Технические характеристики C3M0032120K: напряжение пробоя: 1200 В ток (при 25°C): 63 A Rds(On): 32 мОм тип корпуса: TO-247-4…

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