10 мая, Четверг

High-res mmWave 3D Imaging SoC Promises Improved Accuracy 60
A new chip launched by Vayyar Imaging integrates an unprecedented number of transceivers and an advanced DSP to create high-resolution mmWave 3D imaging contours with high accuracy.

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ST Focuses MEMS Strategy on Industrial IoT 106
STMicroelectronics is making a big push into the Industrial IoT space with the announcement of a range of high-accuracy MEMS sensors and components designed to last for at least 10 years.

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400V Linear Regulators from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Constant LED Current in Compact Packages 100
Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets, today announced the AL5890. This linear…

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Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee Mesh Compared 386
Silicon Labs reports on its recently released benchmarks of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee mesh networks for the Internet of Things.

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Improving Automotive ECU Design with a Low-IQ Buck Converter 156
High-end cars require close to a hundred electronic control units (ECUs), each taking power from the car battery with the intermediation of an on-board buck converter

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9 мая, Среда

Four-channel SMU fits in 1U rack height 167
Tektronix/Keithley 2606B source-measure unit provides voltage and current, and measures the response, in automated test systems.

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The case of the oscillating oven 121
Why was the scientific oven temperature oscillating, and did a controller adjustment really fix the problem?

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Solder-wick trick characterizes bypass caps 81
Verify capacitor performance with a simple “homemade” test fixture.

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LifeSignals Launches Life Signal™ Processor Product Family, Developed with Support of 3M and STMicroelectronics 115
“The medical world is in desperate need of clinical-grade disposable and reusable wearables for a variety of markets ranging from human monitoring applications such as in-hospital patient monitoring, remote health monitoring, wellness, fitness, worker…

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STMicroelectronics Adds New High-Accuracy MEMS Sensors with 10-Year Product Longevity for Advanced Industrial Sensing  121
The new sensors, to be made available during 2018, begin with the IIS3DHHC, a 3-axis accelerometer optimized for high measurement resolution and stability to ensure accuracy over time and temperature. The IIS3DHHC targets precision inclinometers in…

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Wi-Fi Testing Now Includes Performance 96
The UNH-IOL has begun performance testing for Wi-Fi routers in conjunction with a Broadband Forum test document.

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10W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier with SSM and NCPL from Diodes Incorporated Targets Wireless Media Speakers 127
Featuring low THD+N, low EMI and high PSRR, the PAM8106 is a 10W stereo Class-D audio amplifier that integrates spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) and non-clipping power limit (NCPL) technology to deliver advanced features for a range of battery- or…

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Google Tips TPU 3.0 as AI Expands 165
Google showed a laundry list of ways it is expanding use of deep learning and tipped work on a TPU 3.0 at its annual I/O event.

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Devices Heed Public Safety's Call 57
FirstNet, the proposed nationwide broadband network for first responders in the U.S., will provide significant advances, but I believe devices that do more than just talk will drive its evolution.

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8 мая, Вторник

The Power of Routines 81
Routines give us a comfortable basis to stand on as we approach new challenges, either identifiable or unknown.

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10 мая, Четверг

Электромагнитная совместимость: Многослойные печатные платы 254
В статье «Учет ЭМС при разработке высокочастотных печатных плат» мы коснулись базовых правил обеспечения электромагнитной совместимости (ЭМС) при проектировании многослойных печатных плат. В данной статье мы продолжим рассмотрение этой темы.

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8 мая, Вторник

На склад поступили дисплеи 4.3", 5" и 7" с контроллерами FT8xx 176
На склад поступили следующие модели дисплеев с контроллерами FT8xx: RVT4.3B480272CNWR00 V2; RVT50AQFFWR00; RVT70AQFNWR00

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На склад поступили Ethernet-мосты W5500 и модули WIZ550io на их базе 155
На склад поступили Ethernet-мосты W5500 и модули WIZ550io на их базе

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Что значит оптический сенсорный экран? Обзор модулей и технологии zForce от Neonode 177
Традиционные сенсорные приложения, такие как тачскрины, клавиши, слайдбары, чрезвычайно популярны. Их можно встретить в самых разнообразных устройствах: смартфонах, планшетах, фотоаппаратах, холодильниках, микроволновых печах, промышленных пультах,…

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7 мая, Понедельник

Компания Molex продолжает развивать известную серию разъемов Micro-Fit 3.0. 199
Семейство соединителй Micro-Fit 3.0 компании Molex предоставляет различные опции для удовлетворения широкого спектра требований к дизайну.

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