1 марта, Четверг

Ethertronics preps 5G device test chamber 193
Consumer electronics manufacturers are under the gun to produce devices that will work with advanced networks, and they’re going to need a means to test the wireless performance of the devices they’re building.

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Tesla gives 1st public demonstration of radio, March 1, 1893 141
On this day in tech history, Nikola Tesla gave the first public demonstration of radio in his presentation, "On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena."

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C14 inlet adds two-pole filtering 179
DD14 is an IEC C14 appliance inlet with two-pole filtering, two-pole switching and two-pole fusing, from Schurter. “Shielding is optimised by screwing the metal casing of the filter to the panel, using its horizontal or vertical flange, or a…

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Next Step for Collaborative Robots: Better Machine Vision 141
Use of collaborative robots in industrial automation will grow in the coming years, but it won’t hit its peak until suppliers make major advances in sensing technologies, experts will say at the upcoming Cleveland Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo.…

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Stretchable, Modifiable Power Source Eyed for Wearables, IoT 149
Researchers continue to make progress in their aim to develop novel, user-friendly power sources for wearable technology. One of the latest comes out of Singapore, where researchers have developed a fabric-like power source that can be cut, folded, or…

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Multi-microphone reference designs overcome interfering ambient noise 151
DSP Concepts CTO Paul Beckmann demonstrated how the company's Voice UI works in the presence of high levels of interfering ambient noise, which would make it practical in the home and in noisy industrial environments.

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Speed up settling time with a feed forward path 180
Adding a supplementary signal path to feed an influence in the forward direction can help speed things up.

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Growth Expected to Return to Smartphones 115
Apple passed Samsung to re-take the lead in smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of last year, as total unit sales fell for the first time, according to IDC.

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Empowering Diversity in STEM 114
The president of a trade association for the power electronics sector talks about the group's work to promote diversity in STEM fields.

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Cypress Sees a Future for FRAM 105
Despite FRAM's inability to cost-effectively scale, its fast write speed and unlimited endurance make it idea for event logging in autonomous vehicles and industrial Internet of Things applications.

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NB-IoT Raises its Volume at MWC 105
The Narrowband-IoT version of LTE cellular won support from Sequans, Qorvo, and China

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Feed Forward and Line Regulation 146
Sometimes we can add a supplementary signal path to feed an influence going from "A" to "B". That influence being fed in the forward direction can help speed things up. We may call that provision by the term "feed forward".

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New DC/DC Converter Featuring the Industry's Lowest Current Consumption 91
Original Nano Energy technology enables long-term operation for up to 10 years on a single coin battery *ROHM March 1, 2018 study Kyoto and Santa Clara, Calif., - March 1, 2018 - ROHM has recently announced the availability of a DC/DC converter with…

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28 февраля, Среда

Chirp Slurped up by TDK 119
Chirp Microsystems, a California-based startup, which launched only a year ago its first high-accuracy, ultra-low-power ultrasonic sensing development platform, returned to Barcelona this week with a deal in hand to be acquired by Japan's TDK Corp.

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3D computational architectures and applications 142
Memory, mass storage, and even computation are going 3D.

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1 марта, Четверг

Новый сверхскоростной модуль LTE 18 категории от Telit 254
Компания Telit готовит к производству новый модуль LTE LM960 в формате miniPCIe читать далее

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Начало работы с Xilinx Vivado HLS. Вебинар 282
Желающих познакомиться с Vivado HLS и начать его освоение приглашаем на вебинар.

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28 февраля, Среда

Изменения цен на продукцию Everspin Technologies 223
Компания Everspin Technologies объявила о ценовых изменениях на свою продукцию. С 1 апреля 2018 года все микросхемы производителя, находящиеся в серийном производстве, подорожают на 15%. Изменения в цене обусловлены увеличившимися затратами при…

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27 февраля, Вторник

Питаемся от сотовой сети. Отладочные наборы от Powercast 287
Окружающее нас пространство буквально наполнено энергией. Речь идет о фоновом радиоизлучении современных беспроводных систем: сотовой связи, WiFi, 3G/ 4G модемов, цифрового телевидения и т. д. Мощность фонового излучения столь велика, что ее хватит для…

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Миниатюрное продолжение серии реле Т9 от TE Connectivity 257
Миниатюрное продолжение серии реле Т9 от TE Connectivity Новое реле T9G представляет собой миниатюрную копию реле T9A. Компании TE Connectivity удалось снизить размеры корпуса реле на 30%, а занимаемую на печатной плате площадь - на 13%, по отношению к…

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26 февраля, Понедельник

Сторожевой таймер в надежных встраиваемых системах 274
Небольшая ошибка в сложной встроенной системе может привести к ее сбою или, что еще хуже, к работе в опасном режиме. Ошибки - не единственная проблема. Совершенное разработанное и проверенное устройство, на котором выполняется идеальный протестированный…

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