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DACs work with optical modules 125
A pair of DACs from Analog Devices, the 12-bit AD5767 and 16-bit AD5766 reduce the footprint of wired telecommunication systems.

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1st live, international, satellite TV production shared, June 25, 1967 117
On this day in tech history, the first live, international, satellite television production was shared with an estimated 400 million viewers. It featured The Beatles performing a new song for the occasion, “All You Need Is Love.”

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LTC Design Note: 55V High efficiency buck-boost power manager and multi-chemistry battery charger 124
A versatile, efficient, multi-chemistry battery charger design operates in buck & boost modes.

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Applying fully differential amplifier output-noise analysis to drive high-performance ADCs 123
This article will step through the calculations of FDA output spot noise, including 1/f effects showing interstage passive filtering and their effect on bandlimiting the integrated noise, and show example designs using calculated, measured and simulated…

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