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Electronic Engeneering News

LeaderTech Board Shield Prototype Kit 110

LeaderTech Board Shield Prototype (BSP) Kit allows designers to quickly assemble a one- or two-piece production-quality circuit board shield without special tools or experience. LeaderTech BSP Kit includes all the parts a designer needs to create a…

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ON Semiconductor STK984-190-E MOSFET Power Module 105

ON Semiconductor STK984-190-E Power Integrated Module (PIM) features 6 MOSFETs in a three-phase bridge (B6) configuration. A seventh MOSFET is used as a reverse battery protection switch. The MOSFETs are mounted onto a direct bonded copper (DBC)…

30 октября, 09:00 • Источник
Thunderboard Sense Kit from Silicon Labs Inspires IoT Developers to Connect Everything 104

Dateline City:
New Kit Simplifies Development of Cloud-Connected Devices with
Multiple Sensing and Connectivity Options and with No RF Expertise
Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) has introduced a complete…

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Infineon Technologies SHIELDBTF3050TE Low-Side Switch Shield 101

Infineon SHIELDBTF3050TE Low-Side Switch Shield can control three HITFET™ BTF3050TE low side switches using an Arduino Uno R3, XMC1100 Boot Kit or similar board. The three low-side switches provide three independent power channels that can be controlled…

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Panasonic EZJ-P Automotive Multilayer Varistors 99

Panasonic EZJ-P Multilayer Varistors for Automotive Applications are AEC-Q200 qualified and offer excellent ESD suppression through the use of original advanced material technology. The EZJ-P series has excellent electrostatic resistance that meets…

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Maxim Integrated Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory Solutions 98

Maxim Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory Solutions is a concept that envisions factories of tomorrow as vastly more integrated, automated and flexible. Using these solutions, factories can become faster and more efficient to churn out goods desired by the…

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Toshiba TBC8x7 Bipolar Junction Transistors 98

Toshiba TBC8x7 Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) are available in both NPN and PNP polarities. These transistors are offered in a compact, surface-mount SOT23-3 package. TBC8x7 BJTs feature a wide storage temperature (Tstg) range of -55

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Phihong AQ45 45W USB Type-C Power Adapter 96

Phihong AQ45 45W USB Type-C Power Adapter is a Phihong AQ45 45W USB Type-C Power Adapter is a single output 45W wall-plug adapter featuring a 5, 12, or 20VDC output voltage option. AQ45 features a USB Type-C DC output connector that is backward…

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EVs Will Innovate on Land, Sea, Air 93

Hybrid and pure electric land, water and air vehicles are becoming one business increasingly served by the same companies, but the vehicles and their components are changing out of all recognition.

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